MKE ~ Week 20

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more of these small indirect common occurrences and I wanted to point one out, because being aware of what is happening around me is a direct reflection of the knowledge I’ve gained during the MKExperience.

Back at the end of December I decided to create my own yearly planner because everyone else’s version didn’t suit my new lifestyle. One of the things I decided to implement was cool sayings or motivations that I have come across. One of them I found that I put in my planner was “I will persist until I succeed.” Come to discover that this saying is in scroll three of The Greatest Salesman in the World. Now I didn’t know that this saying was in the book until a few weeks ago when I finally got to scroll three.

There is a power of the unknown being tied to a future known.

Keep your ears and eyes open and in the end, it will all make sense!

Until next time….

MKE ~ Week 21

Cool situation that I wanted to share…I had been involved in a fitness challenge at my gym for 5 weeks. The prize for the top 3 finishers was a 7-night hotel stay in Mexico, so I went into the challenge with my MKE mindset. I did all the things I was supposed to do like eating right, checking in daily, and showing up to my workouts, but as an added bonus to this challenge, I worked every day visualizing that my name would be on the list of winners! With 50 people in the challenge, I came up as one of the winners! The day of the announcement I sat for a minute and just smiled at how cool it was that I manifested my outcome! I certainly wasn’t the biggest loser in the bunch so being on the list was confirmation that I can manifest my future 🙂 True Health & Legacy!

MKE ~ Week 19

I Am….

This movie had a great message. I do remember growing up always hearing that all parents wanted for their children was to be happy. This is something definatly not taught in school or the medical world in our country. I love how other countries and cultures grasp this concept early on. We need to tone back the technology advancement a bit and spend more time with our loved ones, friends and communities building a group of happy people 🙂

….and now that I know it exists, when I retire I’m moving to Denmark to go live in co-op housing!

MKE ~ Week 18


I find my self feeling thankful during the webinars because they are always re-encouraging me to stay on track. I find my old blueprint contently getting in my way, but some days I get right back up and keep pushing forward. The messages I receive from other members and my guide is also a great support system that I’ve never experienced in the past when trying to work towards a goal.

Always the message I need, right when I need it!

MKE ~ Week 17HJ

It’s hard to juggle two things at once.

I started the MKE assignments weeks after most. I’ve been playing some form of catch-up every week to try and keep my head above the MKE waters. I am committed to this experience and know how lucky I am to have the advantage to work with every one on Mark’s team as well as the mastermind groups (which I’m at fault for not taking advantage of.)

I struggle to do my assignments everyday and when I do get them done, it is usually only my morning assignments like the SIT, reading the MKS Lesson, BPB, POA, Service Card, Law of Giving and 30 minutes of who I intend to become and the 10 minute demanding of self-confidence. I have yet to do my afternoon exercises and my sacred evening routine is scattered at best.

The other challenge I started along the way was a fitness/nutrition challenge through my boot camp. 5 weeks of eating whole foods and getting in my workouts. Well, the eating whole foods part has taken up my life, I feel like. I feel like I spend most of my day working on food intake. Preparing, cooking, eating. I’m also challenged with doing food prep for the week. Which most say is the best form success.

I’m not a cook. My husband, God bless him, has always taken care of that. But, now i’ve put that on my shoulders, as much as I can so that I can be accountable in this journey.

Juggling two things at once is hard. I’ll push onward and upward, keep on keep’n on and I will succeed.

MKE ~ Week 17

I got sick week 17. I couldn’t get anything done. I thought of my assignments every day as well as my lessons from MKE but had little energy to get all my items checked off my list. Being sick always throws me off my rails. It is hard to motivate. Everything felt like a chore. I feel like I’m failing myself by not giving 100%.

But…I will keep trying. I’m not perfect yet, but I will work towards it.

“We don’t get great in a day. We get great day by day.” {Quote Unknown}

MKE ~ Week 16

Procrastination, hesitation, wavering, delaying. This was the theme of my Master Key Experience the first half of the course. By week 12 I realized that I needed to make a decision. Be in 100% or move on and try later. I have diligently put in an effort on a daily basis to catch-up with my assignments, daily tasks, weekly tasks and being more prepared for the weekly webinar. I’ve spent a good amount of time organizing all my folders, MKE work bag, checklists and the good’ol index card pile. I’ve created a system that keeps me organized on a daily basis.

After today’s webinar segment on all of us being extraordinary and that our soul is rooting for us, I encountered a moment of pride. I fell off the praverbial MKE wagon and got right back on and continued forward. I’m plugging away at being 100% caught up and on target.

I acknowledge that I have 40+ years of ” stinkin’ thinkin’ ” like Laurie said. I carried that old blueprint in with me for the first half of the course. I’d start something and quit along the way. This time I’m assessing and correcting and getting back on track. These lessons are too vital to lose and take advantage of.

An example of an old habit and a new habit…I used to set goals without any foundation and I’d do it for a week or two, maybe a month, then life would get in my way and I’d fall back into my old blueprint. An example of this is walking my dogs. I’ve had dogs my whole life. Never was it instilled in me to walk them, because we always lived with acreage or my mom would take them on her horse rides. When I was a young 20 something, I had a cute little St. Bernard puppy, who grew into a very large St. Bernard. At the time I lived in a 2 bedroom townhome with a backyard the size of a walk-in closet. During this period, I HAD to walk the beast, but that was the only short period of time I constantly walked a dog (2x a day). Later in life, after my husband and I bought our home, we had a decent backyard and that space became their area to exercise and do their business. Walking them wasn’t a necessity, so we rarely took them on walks. Within the last few years, I’ve discovered the health & behavioral benefits of walking dogs, but because of my old blueprint, I’d set the goal and flounder. I always let life dictate my time and there never seemed to be the time in my day to give to their walk. Since week 12, I have tied this service to Hill’s second blueprint item of concentrating 30 minutes a day on the person I intend on becoming. Now with much enthusiasm, I walk my dogs EVERY DAY, put on some good relaxing meditational/yoga music and think of the person I intend on becoming. It is a very peaceful time being outside, in the fresh air, seeing my future self and seeing my dogs enjoying themselves.

This used to be a chore! Now it is one of the moments in my day that I look forward to the most because this is the 30 minutes I spend seeing my DMP movie (I’m a great actress).

Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.

Wishing everyone a steller week ahead!

MKE ~ Week 15

I had an intended blog I wanted to write for week 15, but I ended up having an incident a few hours ago during my dog walk, which I just can’t seem to shake off. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to write out all the thoughts I’ve experienced, which completely relate to my Master Key Experience.

I was walking my two dogs and one is a 1-year-old English bulldog. He is a very sweet puppy and loves people. I had him off leash because I am working with him to respond to me when I command him to stop and heal. I saw a woman jogging towards us, so I started to attempt to get him to come to me before he noticed her, but being the bull-headed pup he is he wasn’t in a rush to get to my side. She got to us before I could put him back on a leash, so he does as he enjoys to do and he runs alongside her, in front of her and around her, because he needs all the attention and he’s the cutest puppy in the world. This woman was not happy to see him. I quickly spoke out that “he’s nice” and “he’s just a puppy, not to worry”. I continued to try and get his attention, but she continued to try and run around him and away, which unfortunately turned the situation into him wanting to be with her more. The moment escalated into her yelling at me, swearing at me, threatening me, etc. Her words were harsh, confrontational, and pointed.

In the past, I would have engaged back at her level or higher. But this morning, I was walking my dogs with a purpose. I was thinking of the person I intend to become. The first thought that entered my mind was that we are all Gods children 🙂 and she is one of my sisters. I let God in instead of anger. Law of Substitution. So I was able to stay calm with her which lead to me eventually retrieving the pup with a grateful “thank you”. She ran off on her run with a few choice words and I was left to figure out how to calm the adrenaline rush. I walked thinking of phrases like “be the non-judgmental observer” and that I am “eliminating hate and cynicism” from my life and that I “love all humanity”.

I know I should have had a better grip on my dog and acted earlier to prevent the incident, but I was relieved to have the power of the teachings of OG, Hannel, Hill, and Mr. Mark Januszewski in my mind to get me through the situation as kind as I could.

If a confrontation is to arise again, I hope to be able to handle it with grace and strength. These types of situations can go in a ton of different directions. Learning and growing to be a thoughtful, aware, non-judgmental person is the key.

New person, new decisions, new directions.

{ IG: george13_thebulldog }

MKE ~ Week 13

NARC is the lesson of the week. I understand the rules as they were explained of feeling the pain and then changing to make a task feel good, but I just don’t know if I can do it. I know I could attach this method to getting to my workouts, but I’m not sure I can do this in my business. Leveraging my mind to chose to get angry about the task of making calls and then finding it in me to attach pleasure to the task. I guess I have such a hard time with it because the thought of calling prospects is crippling to me! I don’t know how to muster up the pleasure side of this lesson. I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in the pain side. I guess as I write out this blog it might be a good tool to try and then I can actually start a new lead prospecting component in my business.

MKE ~ Week 14

Right after webinar 13 I went straight to my TV and looked up one of Mark’s movie suggestions for Week 14, because I wanted to relax and allow my mind to wonder. I chose The Good Lie. I didn’t really observe a DMP/PMA/POA/MMA in the movie message. A few days later I watched October Sky. This movie is filled with dreams, like the scholarship, becoming a rocket engineer and the Corvette. The main character turns his back on negativity like we are taught in the Master Key System. There are moments like the father saying “you don’t give up, do you?” and the main character replying “I can’t!”. Opportunities start presenting themselves to him and his friends. His hate for coal fuels his desire to succeed. His unimaginable dream to send rockets into space comes true. He made it out and so did his friends.

After a few days, I decided to try another movie, so I chose Cool Runnings because I hadn’t seen that movie in forever. Many DMP/PMA/POA/MMA messages were in this movie as well. The coach who is not on board yet asks “do the words give-up mean anything?” then the team captain responds with “not a thing!”. They always say “no problem”. The bobsled team has a can-do attitude throughout the movie. They never knew any better. They wanted it bad enough and they got it. The team captain visualizes their success and they finish a race, no matter what! My favorite scene in the movie was the mirror scene where you see one of the team members coaching another team member to be strong. He has him say to himself “pride, power, badass mother who won’t take nothing from nobody!” Powerful practices acted out in this movie!

Finally, one evening my husband and I were looking for something to watch and I came across this movie called Momentum Generation. It is about a group of surfer friends from the ’90s. That’s my era, and I was kinda a surf fan because I grew up in California. I was intrigued and turned it on. This was a great movie. It was a documentary about their lives together and apart. I was laughing and crying. And in the end, low and behold, the DMP/PMA/POA/MMA was the big red bow on the whole story! Friends are amazing and they are like family, so make time for them in your day!

All the movies have good messages and reminders of the power of our subby!